Map of Great Britain - Release Value with STOR from your idle power generators


The UK is legally bound to source 15% of its energy supplies from renewable energy sources and reduce its carbon emissions by 80% by 2050. The intermittent nature of some renewables dictate that dependence on them will call for greater back up capacity to meet ever increasing fluctuations in supply and demand. There are also strong indications that over the next ten years, 20 GW of generating capacity will be retired as a consequence of the Large Combustion Plant Directive (LCPD) and other European legislations coming into effect in the next few years.

Stor Generation Limited (SGL) creates value by providing & managing sustainable energy demand & power generation, and, maximising revenue for our customers in the UK & global power markets. The company was originally created to bid for & manage “energy demand reduction initiatives” & other “balancing services” such as Short Term Operating Reserve “STOR” Contracts in the UK on behalf of itself, its clients & investors.

 “Flexible Load” is a unique asset which is virtually untapped in the UK. SGL accesses this Flexible Load in an economic, reliable and practical way without any impact on building perfor­mance or comfort conditions by uti­lising Honeywell’s proven Automated Demand Response (ADR) solution. The latter is already being utilised to reduce demand with success, in other parts of the world such as the USA, China, India and Australia.

 SGL can aggregate flexible loads across many sites in a co-ordinated and automated fashion, and effectively create a VPP - ‘Virtual Power Plant’ of negative watts or “Negawatts”. This “negative load” could present significant value to certain organisations. SGL is able to optimise & also monetise this aggregated Flexible Load & share the revenue streams with you based on the contribution your building makes.


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