Map of Great Britain - Release Value with STOR from your idle power generators


The UK is legally bound to source 15% of its energy supplies from renewable energy sources and reduce its carbon emissions by 80% by 2050 . The intermittent nature of some renewables - for example wind or solar - dictate that dependence on them will call for greater back up capacity to meet ever increasing fluctuations in supply and demand. There are also strong indications that over 20 GW of generating capacity will be retired as a consequence of the Large Combustion Plant Directive (LCPD) coming into effect after 2015. LCPD is a European Union Directive that aims to reduce acidification, ground level ozone and particulates by controlling the emissions of sulphur dioxide, oxides of nitrogen and dust from large combustion plant. Large power stations in the UK must comply with the LCPD.

The Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR) is the mechanism by which the National Grid seeks to back up any shortfall in supply. Stor Generation Ltd is a company created to bid for and manage STOR and other “Energy Demand Reduction Management” programmes and initiatives on behalf of itself, clients and investors.

Many businesses have of necessity already installed standby generation plant, but these generating assets are rarely used and expensive to maintain. Stor Generation Ltd has been set up to maximise value and generate revenue from existing underused generation assets, resulting in both reduced costs and carbon emissions, and, advice on and/or invest in STOR projects ab initio.

The technical and project management (power management), commercial, and contractual (aggregation and bidding) aspects of STOR and other “Energy Demand Reduction” contracts are complex and challenging. Stor Generation Ltd will manage these professionally for clients, investors, and all the other stakeholders, including our own company, involved in these projects.


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